Anyone can have superpowers with ConnectLife

The ability to communicate with machines

Household chores have never been so effortless. ConnectLife allows you to manage and monitor your appliances from anywhere.
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The power to alter the world around you

Everything just the way you like it. ConnectLife will adapt your home in a way that suits you from the minute you walk through the door.  

The sixth sense

Be in the know. With instant notifications you’ll always know just what’s going on in your home, no matter where you are. 

The skill to shape your reality

Anything you want, when you want it. Vidaa smart TV aggregates content from the best global and local partners and allows you to keep an eye on all other smart devices.

The magic of controlling appliances with your voice

Just say the word. ConnectLife is fully integrated with all the popular voice assistants so you can control appliances in the easiest way possible: with your voice.  

ConnectLife brings together


One platform for all your connected appliances and services. Content tailored just for you delivered through your favorite channels.


Home automation devices, TVs and household appliances working together seamlessly with one goal: to make your life easier.


Smart wizards, voice control and third-party solutions will bring your smart home experience to the next level.


One smart home platform that combines the best of all global Hisense group brands. 

Experience ConnectLife

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