Step 1 – Create an account

  • Open the link https://laundry.connectlife.io/login/user to create your Laundry web application account.
  • Create a ConnectLife account using your email address and set a strong password. Read and agree to the necessary Terms & Conditions and legal documents.
  • Press “Send verification code” to receive it on your email and enter it in the web application.

Step 2 – Create room

  • Log in and create a public or private room where your devices will be located.
  • Fill in location details, and set the working hours of your room.

Step 3 – Download ConnectLife mobile app

  • Download the ConnectLife mobile app directly from your application store platform or by clicking the link buttons here.
  • Log in using the account you have created through the web application.

Step 4 – Device pairing

  • Add your professional device - select “Add device” and choose “PRO series” from the menu.
  • Follow the in-app instruction to connect it to the ConnectLife app and place it in the room you have created.

Step 5 – Begin using your web application

  • Now, using the web application, you can monitor the occupancy of your rooms, create new programs and keep everything easily under control.

Set up your professional devices with ConnectLife

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