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About ConnectLife

Do you know that moment when you realize that you will not make it on time? The clock is ticking like crazy and the time is running down fast. It feels like your household has conspired against you. That moment when you know that you do not have things under control.

The SOLUTION: ConnectLife. Your superpower. Your multi-tasking skill. Your saviour in everyday life.

What? IoT platform
ConnectLife is omnichannel platform that connects all smart appliances and services from all Hisense Group brands.

Why? Smart(er) living
Because you are ready for the future. Because you can rule your home. And your life. And because you already use smart devices. 

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• Monitor your appliance - at home or even from far away
• Remote control appliances directly from your mobile phone*
• Do more and simplified using wizards*
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Choose EASY to USE
• Get notifications when the job is done
• Control your appliance with voice
• Ask for support directly via the mobile app
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• Turn off your appliances when you leave your home
• Save energy with automation based on the price of energy
• Let's appliances communicate with eachother
*Depends on appliance model.

Let’s start connecting


• Click the app store icon and install app
• Start app
• Click “Get Started” and follow the process

Add an appliance

• Go to “Appliances”
• Click on “Add Appliance” or the + button
• Follow the instructions
• Please use the user manual of the appliance to check, how to activate Wifi and how to access the Wifi-menu


Now you can start using ConnectLife. If you have more connected appliance or you’re planning to get one, you only repeat the step two.

Any Problems?

We are here to help.

Do you have any technical questions about installing or setting up your home appliance? Or would you like to get information on using ConnectLife application? We are happy to assist you.

You can contact local aftersales centre:
or reach us on info@connectlife.io for global support.