Nothing ruins your day as quickly as towing bags upon bags of dirty clothing and finding there are no available washing machines left! Whether you are an owner of shared laundry rooms or their user, coordinating your time and obligations with working hours and other users is not always an easy task. ConnectLife is in the works to make it as simple as possible and brings you a unique experience in laundry sharing.

Durable appliances to last a lifetime

Professional washing machines and tumble dryers are efficient, durable, high-quality devices designed and developed to withstand frequent use and meet high health requirements, which makes them ideal for public laundry rooms, multi-apartment buildings, or shared laundry rooms. To make the experience complete, ConnectLife presents a smartphone application for the user, as well as an easy-to-use web portal for the owners to make laundry days a breeze.

ConnectLife Laundry web portal

Being the owner of self-service laundry rooms has never been easier. Keep the tabs on all your machines and rooms – from the comfort of your home or office.
Using only one account, create individual rooms for different locations or clients, and easily check the occupancy of each one at any given moment.

Stay on top of the game

Make sure your machines are tailored to everybody's needs and demands, by creating custom washing and drying programs. Have your machines in a pristine and running condition at all times while simply requesting a service directly through the portal.

ConnectLife Laundry application

Whether your apartment building offers a shared laundry room, or you would simply prefer to avoid the cost of purchasing your own washing machine, ConnectLife is here to make using public laundry simple and completely hassle-free.

Book and go

ConnectLife shows you public rooms within a 10-kilometer radius, and all you need to do is book your nearest or favorite one. 
After you identified the machine you booked, pair it with the ConnectLife application by simply scanning the QR code. You can go about your day, run errands or enjoy a nice cup of coffee, worry-free as you keep an eye on your laundry by just peeking at your phone.