Step 1

Download the ConnectLife app directly from your application store platform or by clicking the link buttons here.

Step 2

Create a ConnectLife account using your email address, and set a strong password. Read and agree to the necessary Terms & Conditions and legal documents.

You will receive a verification code on your email and enter it in the mobile app.

Step 3

Select “Add device” and follow the in-app instructions for the particular device you are connecting with.

Set up your smart products with ConnectLife

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To set up your professional laundry rooms and book a wash, follow our quick guides

ConnectLife Professional Laundry owner

You just got your professional washing machines and dryers? It’s time for the fun part! To connect them to your ConnectLife account and set up different rooms, create custom programs, and keep a watchful eye on how they are used, check out this set-up guide, and you will be ready to go in no time!

Set up now

ConnectLife Professional Laundry room user

Laundry days quickly turn into a stressful event when you get to the laundry room, and there are no available machines left. Well, there is no need to worry about that anymore! Through the ConnectLife Laundry app, book the time slot that suits you best. All it takes is a few taps of a finger! To learn how to get started, follow these simple steps.

Set up now