Smart kitchen products

Is there anything better than coming home to a warm, cozy meal, clean dishes, and perfectly fresh fruit and vegetables? We spend considerable time in our kitchen, but it is much more than just a place to cook and clean. The kitchen is the center of every home - a place where we spend quality time with family, where we laugh with friends and spend joyful holidays. ConnectLife is here to make those special moments simpler and smarter!

Smart laundry products

Oh no, it's laundry day. Our head hurts just thinking about it. One of the most dreaded, neverending chores there is. But with the help of ConnectLife, you will have your clothes perfectly taken care of every single time, and even the most boring household task is made fun and simple!

Smart air treatment

Driving home from a freezing winter evening, wishing for a toasty room once you get back? Constantly looking for the remote that keeps hiding from you? Getting up from your bed late at night to change the settings of your device? Not anymore! With ConnectLife, you can keep it all under control!

ConnectLife Professional

Nothing ruins your day as quickly as towing bags upon bags of dirty clothing and finding there are no available washing machines left! Whether you are an owner of shared laundry rooms or their user, coordinating your time and obligations with working hours and other users is not always an easy task. ConnectLife is in the works to make it as simple as possible and brings you a unique experience in laundry sharing.