Meet ConnectLife

We are living in times of smartphones, gadgets, and advanced technology. A large part of our lives is held online – from work, communicating, and connecting with friends and family to storing our precious data and media in clouds. Our mobile phones, cars, and devices are all designed to make our daily lives easier (and, let's be honest - cooler) - all accessible by a simple tap of a finger. The future is now, and ConnectLife is making its stand in it.

Just getting started

ConnectLife made its debut back in 2016 with the release of the first connected device by ATAG, and with it came the mobile application under the same name. Since then our team is working tirelessly on providing upgrades and improving the experience of our users. To bring you the ability to seamlessly monitor and be in charge of all your devices – anywhere, anytime, by using just a single platform.

The power is in your hands

ConnectLife connects everything - from major to small domestic devices from all Hisense Group Brands – Hisense, Gorenje, ASKO, ATAG, and Pelgrim. With that it removes any challenge of managing all your devices at once, making it as easy as swiping a finger. It gives the power to you – it's you, the user, the consumer of our services, that is the main focus of ConnectLife. To connect you to your home and provide you with a new and unique smart home experience.

Becoming professionals

Aside from domestic devices, and Wi-Fi-connected Air Conditioners whose market is blooming, ConnectLife, together with ASKO Professional, is presenting a line of professional Washing Machines and Tumble dryers intended to make laundry sharing a breeze. Meant to be used as a part of the public laundry room, in shared laundry rooms, or in multi-apartment buildings. With the help of a mobile application for users and a simple web portal for the owners, booking and using the machines has never been easier.

Sky is the limit

Following the release of the first Gorenje Wi-Fi-connected Refrigerator, the new generation of both premium and mid-range models are to come – from Ovens and Hobs to Laundry and Dishwashers. With everything already done, and much more to be achieved, ConnectLife is on a steady path to place Hisense as a global leading provider of smart living solutions.

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